Wedding cake tasting.

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Wedding date – CHECK – wedding location – CHECK – wedding invitation – CHECK – officer civil status (Roy, thank you) – CHECK – masters of ceremony (Antoin, Dennis thank you) – CHECK – wedding dinner – CHECK – wedding suits – CHECK – shoes – CHECK – rings – CHECK – Best Men / Maids of Honor (Rick, Jack, Petra, Jantine) – CHECK – Bridesmaids (Anoek and Michelle) and Ring Bearer (Thijmen) – CHECK – DJ (Jan) – CHECK – …

The wedding cake!!!! We forgot the wedding cake!

A little bit late, but last Thursday we finally had an appointment at Dunya’s Taartenatelier at 14:00 o’ clock. Because of Karel his surgery we asked if we could come a bit earlier. 13.30 o’ clock was fine, but when we arrived, the lady was still busy with another couple.

Gay wedding planner cake tasting

Dunya’s Taartenatelier

Gay wedding planner cake tasting

At Dunya


So we were placed at a small table with coffee and 8 flavors of cake cream. We both liked 2 yellow flavors right away.

Gay wedding planner cake tasting

Wedding cake tasting

Gay wedding planner cake tasting

MMMMM this one is nice!

Gay wedding planner cake tasting

Uffff this one is not Johan’s taste

Gay wedding planner cake tasting

A little bit too classic, we want more fun!


Our turn. I showed her my sketches (the lady could see right away I had a graphic education) and during our 1 hour talk we changed our plans three times. For the ceremony we have invited 55 guests, but we are worried (or happy) that more people will show up. So we ordered a cake for 100 people.

The design is top secret, so no sketches of the final choice…..

Gay wedding cake tasting Rotterdam

The design is top secret!


Only problem: how do you secretly deliver a big BIG cake at the location Ferry Store during the ceremony, without getting attention? Well …. Marc from Ferry had a solution. To be continued …..


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