Top secret story: the wedding rings.

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This is such a weird story, in Holland we would say: “daar lusten de honden geen brood van”. But what can I already tell you, without hurting a company or a person? We will blab out everything after the wedding!
Well, what I can tell you now is that we picked up our rings a few days ago and they are gorgeous! All thanks goes to sweet Coby, who helped us after the shocking news we received in Madrid. And to the German company Acredo. We personally met the Sales/Marketing lady Helma Huiskes last Thursday. To thank both ladies we bought them a big and beautiful bouquet at Zoomer’s Bloemen. And we had an inspiring talk with Helma about their marketing.

gay wedding rings Rotterdam Acredo

Coby in the wedding ring store was a great help to us

Acredo is open for an image which will bring more gay men to their brand. Right now all brands design rings for straight couples: one ring more fine with a jewel for the women and one more simple for the men, without a stone. And on campaign adds or websites you always see a beautiful, romantic but straight couple.

gay wedding rings Rotterdam Acredo

Webites and campaigns are most of the time with a straight couple

Looking on their website you can already see that you can skip the stone very fast and design the ultimate ring yourself.

gay wedding rings Rotterdam Acredo

But Acredo is open for a gay add campaign


So why not make a display corner in your store with pictures of two romantic men and a pair of thick, masculine, dark rings? Or am I now giving away a bit too much how our rings look? This exciting top secret story will get a sequel …


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