Save the best for last: The Wedding Party pics.

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Finally the party pics! Out of the 390 beautiful potos Sophia van den Hoek made, we chose 39 great ones. We can not show everything and everybody. If you are curious, we hope to show you the total Wedding Book one day.


At the door Leonie, the sister of Dennis, was making polaroids of everybody entering the Ferry Store.


Doorbitch Miss Queeny welcomed the guests and the party was hosted by Esther Hofman.


Our opening dance was “Magic” from O’G3ne. I am not a great dancer (Johan is) so I was happy this song only lasted 2:55 minutes.

03_wedding_party_04 04_wedding_party_07 05_wedding_party_05

06_wedding_party_10 07_wedding_party_11

Yari was our first performer and Ricky sang at the end.

08_wedding_party_08 09_wedding_party_01

But a big surprise for everybody was Dutch singer Anita Meyer. My proposal to Johan was on the 4th of August 2014, at the Gaypride Amsterdam, during her performance. So when we were discussing music and artists, we asked Anita to perform.


We had so much fun. First of all, her voice is so great, but second, she is also down to earth (a hard working woman born in Rotterdam-Zuid) and very funny. She was making jokes about her age and talking to Thijmen and the Bridesmaids. She sang twice her biggest hit “Why Tell Me Why” and everybody sang along.


wedding_party_21 wedding_party_22 wedding_party_20 wedding_party_29 wedding_party_49 wedding_party_33 wedding_party_34 wedding_party_36 wedding_party_40 wedding_party_48 wedding_party_32 wedding_party_24 wedding_party_31 wedding_party_28

When Anita left, DJ Jan de Klerk played the Offer Nissim-Remix of “Why Tell Me Why” and after that great music or how Esther Hofman always says in De Keerweer:

“En nu, gaan we luisteren naar … hele … fijne … muziek”.

And we danced until two in the morning!

wedding_party_15 wedding_party_41 wedding_party_16 wedding_party_44 wedding_party_51 wedding_party_14 wedding_party_52 wedding_party_53 wedding_party_46 wedding_party_56 wedding_party_42


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  • JeZus - Reply

    April 7, 2015 at 16:00

    The performance of Anita Meijer was the highlight of the evening.
    “Wat een strot heeft dat wijf”, zouden we in Rotterdam zeggen.

    Een prachtige overgetelijke bruiloft jongens. xxx

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