Priscilla: Reina del Desierto!.

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You may have read it earlier… but last Sunday it was the birthday of my love Gertjan. He became 52 years old… so what to do?

In less then a month we are getting married and in a month we are moving to Spain. First I thought to give him a watch, he could wear at the wedding, that would be nice. But something inside told me not to buy him a watch. Then slowly his birthday was coming closer. And we were already in Madrid for our Spanish lessons.

Then I saw on Facebook someone who had visited the musical “Priscilla: Reina del Desierto“. Based on the famous movie from 1994. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a Spanish theater during our study Spanish and see a show?


It took me a while to buy the tickets online. Of course everything was in Spanish so it was quite hard to figure out how to buy a ticket. But finally after 2 (stealthy) hours an email from the Spanish Ticket-service appeared in my mailbox !!! YIHAAA! I did it. But suddenly there was the next problem. How to print the tickets? And of course how to keep it a secret to Gertjan?

So the next day at school I went to the Directora right after the break. She helped me out with printing the tickets. Thanks a lot Asun! Me encantada!

Thank God Gertjan was very happy with his present. And yesterday it was “Priscilla Day”. After school we dressed up a little fancy and off we went.


The theater was quite easy to find thanks to the explanation of our Spanish friends. It was rather big but also a cozy theater. The friendly woman at the door brought us to our seats. Row 2 seat 6 and 7. Wow! What an amazing view we had on the stage!


The three main characters took us on their ride with a bus from Sydney to Alice Springs. (for the whole Pricilla story click here) It was spectacular and overwhelming. The big bus came on the stage with great light effects. And the amazing costumes and great songs we all can sing along. It was so hilarious when they started singing MacArthur Park “Someone left the cake out in the rain” and six dancers in a cake-dress with an umbrella showed up. The whole show was so original. Things you think that are only possible in the movie were shown in a very grand and spectacular way: the big high-heel shoe on the roof of the bus, the bus drive, the performance in the casino etcetera etcetera.



It was a great night. Although the show was in Spanish and only a few songs were in English, it was a stunning night and we enjoyed it so much. We were surprised how many jokes we understood. At the end we bought the CD of the show… so during the car ride home the volume of the CD player was on 10. Off we went in our own Priscilla-bus to our lovely apartment in Madrid.



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