Faster than our shadow.

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Don’t you love those long winter shadows?
Today we were walking at Plaza de la Paja in the La Latina area and the winter sun was making these beautiful long shadows on the cobble street.
Long Shadows:
In the winter, the sun hangs at a lower angle in the sky, so you don’t have that bright beacon blazing uncontrolled light all over your scene. When the sun casts rays lower in the sky we get some incredibly long shadows that play well with mood and harmony and gives you better light reflection. Faces photographed in full noon-time sun in Spring and Summer’s harsh light will have shadows cast from their eyebrows and noses, but the angled sun of winter can act as a lovely gentle fill and a neutral density filter can pull the subject out from the background.
From: Jennifer O’Rourke
Madrid gay romance

Romantic walk at Plaza de la Paja in the La Latina area

Las Vistillas Park in Madrid La Latina area

Las Vistillas Park

Madrid gay romance

Walking the doggies in the La Latina area

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