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Welcome Teun!

We were already looking online and in animal shops for a third French bulldog. He had to be male and with potential to become muscular. A few times we saw bitches (female dogs) and on one morning I saw a black and white one in a shop window.


Yes, I know you must not buy dogs from a shop and putting them behind the window is even forbidden, but hey … at least you can give this poor dog a great life, with two nice daddies.


We checked the passport, the dog was born in Valencia and had already a chip and a few check ups and vaccinations. The only thing is that he had diarrhea so he was not allowed to leave the shop after for three days untill he felt better. And when the shop owner heard we already had two dogs she said that he was not allowed to have contact with them for two weeks and he was not allowed to walk on the streets for one month, because he still needed his last two vaccinations. Strange story, because the pup was born on the third of February 2016, so he was already 4 months old. In Northern Europe you can take puppies home after 3 months.

I checked with our vet in San Jordi and he said I could trust the animal shop and the passport was not fake, so we decided to buy the French bulldog without a guaranty contract.

Three days later we could pick him up from the store. They first washed him and he had a blow-dry and after that he could go home with us, meeting Karel and Iep.

Teun_shop_05 Teun_shop_04 Teun_shop_03 Teun_shop_02

I first had gone to the veterinary with the two older dogs for a total check-up and pills against parasites etcetera.

We called the new dog Teun, which is an old fashion name in Holland. In Spanish you can compare it with Antonio or Tonio.

And why a third dog? Well, Karel will be 12 years old in August this year. French bulldogs get around 12 or 13 years old. And because Iep is not so friendly to other dogs and behaves like a diva, we wanted the easy-going, sweet Karel to be part of teaching Teun how to behave and sometimes correcting him.

Teun_first_day_03 Teun_first_day_07 Teun_first_day_08 Teun_first_day_05 Teun_first_day_04


The first two weeks it did not go well with the three dogs. Karel did not pay much of attention to Teun and only got angry when Teun was walking around the room with Karel’s favorite toy. But Iep was really jealous with everything. Food, toys or a bit more attention to the new pup and she came already in between, grumpy and growling. But she never bit him.

Karel loved Teun’s little basket. And slowly they started sleeping together in one basket.

Teun_together_04 Teun_together_06 Teun_together_03 Teun_together_13 Teun_together_08 Teun_together_01 Teun_together_02 Teun_together_14 Teun_together_15 Teun_together_05 Teun_together_09 Teun_together_07 Teun_together_11 Teun_together_10 Teun_together_12

To keep Teun from the streets for 1 month was really too difficult. So lot’s of time we took the dogs to a field or the beach, because puppies who did not get their last vaccination mainly get sick of smelling dog poop or rat piss.

The first time to Figueretas beach, which is only a 8 minutes walk for us to a beach where dogs are allowed, was really funny. Iep loves to stand in the water the whole day and Karel swims when you throw a stick, so Teun got used to water and the waves in a short time.

Teun_Figueretas_Ibiza_04 Teun_Figueretas_Ibiza_03 Teun_swimming_Frenchie_02 Teun_Figueretas_Ibiza_07 Teun_Figueretas_Ibiza_06 Teun_swimming_Frenchie_03 Teun_swimming_Frenchie_01 Teun_swimming_Frenchie_05 Teun_swimming_Frenchie_06 Teun_Figueretas_Ibiza_05 Teun_Figueretas_Ibiza_01 Teun_Figueretas_Ibiza_02 Teun_swimming_Frenchie_04

And having three dogs on Chiringay beach (es Cavallet) or at Restaurant MarSol in Santa Eularia beach is fun too. So many people wanted to play with the dogs in the water, that at the end of the day Karel and Teun were sleeping for hours.

Teun_Chirin_gay_Ibiza_08 Teun_Chirin_gay_Ibiza_06 Teun_Chirin_gay_Ibiza_07 Teun_Chirin_gay_Ibiza_03 Teun_Chirin_gay_Ibiza_02 Teun_Chirin_gay_Ibiza_05 Teun_Chirin_gay_Ibiza_04 Teun_Chirin_gay_Ibiza_01

Teun is now 5 and a half months. He is a friendly dog, approaches everybody on the streets and likes to lick your face. He dares to steal Ieps toys and he is sometimes even faster.

The only thing is … when we leave him alone at home for 3 or 4 hours, he ruins everything. First he destroyed some books, so we put them higher on a shelf. Than he started tearing magazines apart, which were stacked on the floor. He now started nibbling on our wooden wardrobe, wooden door, the handmade cushions with jewelry and he even started eating our photo albums. The next weeks I will be more home putting the photos of my cushions on the website, so I can keep a better eye on him.


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