Last minute eye surgery.

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Last Friday Karel was playing with a big tree branch. As always. The branch hit his eye, so the whole weekend he was winking to us.

Johan looked a bit closer on Tuesday and it did not look good at all.

our big move with pets to Spain

Close up eye Karel


On Wednesday we went to the veterinarian Dierenkliniek Crooswijk and the doctor told us it was a terrible damage. Normally only the first tunic is damaged and they sent you home with ointment for a week. But Karel his second tunic was damaged. So a blister of his second tunic was bulging through his first tunic. The only solution was surgery with the risk that he would lose his eye! They would take his third eyelid and stretch this over the damaged eye and sew this over the eye ball.

our big move with pets to Spain

At the vet


Thursday was the day. Just one day before we would leave to Madrid by car!

I brought him at the vet around 10.30 in the morning and after the anesthesia he fell asleep on my lap.

our big move with pets to Spain

Waiting for the doctor


our big move with pets to Spain

Karel his turn


After our “wedding cake tasting” we could pick him up around 15.30. All went well. Only he had to wear a wound healing protection cover for ….. 10 days. And after that period the stitches need to be taken out.

Last minute surgery dog eye

wound healing protection cover

Our big move to Spain with pets

Poor Karel !


Only problem: our trip to Madrid is 16 days so we HAVE to find a vet in Madrid. Who knows one?


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