Goodbye house Rotterdam.

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In 2004 Harry and I moved from Maassluis to Rotterdam. We bought the house on ‘s Lands Werf after seeing 3 or 4 houses in the centre. I fell in love with the light right away. The living is very spacious with big windows. It is an apartment building with 11 floors. Our house is on the 2nd floor, without a view on De Nieuwe Maas river, but only this floor had larger windows and a bigger terrace. There were 5 students living in the house, so it was divided in 5 small bedrooms and they shared the living, bathroom and kitchen. The apartment had a total of 170 m2. Lots of the space went to the big hall and corridor. So Harry and I decided to break some walls and mainly focus on a big living and a big kitchen. Our friend Jacco, who had a contractor-company at that time, needed three months before we could move in. That was in 2004.

House Rotterdam for rent few years expats

The house in 2004

Harry died in 2011 and the house was really too big for me alone. My friend Riks advised to make the living smaller with thick curtains and to make a small and cosy TV corner and a big working space. At that time I was still taking photos of models who wanted to start their career at MAX Models. The big photo lamps and a desk with a big MAC for my work on Adobe Photoshop looked sturdy. Also I wasn’t sure anymore if I always wanted to live in this house, so I needed a second bedroom, if a family with children would be interested to buy it. My friend Ron did the whole rebuilding and came with the idea of a big walk-in closet next to the bedroom, with a nice entrance through the wall.

Because it is still not the right time to sell your house, I decided to rent out mine. And the house of Johan would be a great place to keep for the moments we were back in Rotterdam for family-visits.

I called two real estate agents. One was tipped through my ex-neighbor Marijke, who already works at Shell The Hague for 30 years and is specialized in expats for Shell. The second one was tipped by our friend Patricia. It was her ex-mother in law Loeki, who came with Maurice from TVN Real Estate. They had a lot of expats from Unilever. Both agencies came right away the next day and both were very enthusiastic and friendly. Both were placing adds on Funda, so we had to choose one. Finally we picked TVN, because on their webpage they showed 8 Rotterdam houses. The other agent had a lot The Hague apartments, but only one apartment in Rotterdam without furniture and I like a bit competition.

And Loeki is a “re-locater”. She gives foreigners the service of finding a house, but also a school for their children and helps them with all Dutch forms that need to be filled in. They also do house-tours, where they drive through Rotterdam, visiting 5 or 6 houses, so the expats can choose. With TVN and Loeki there were two people searching for renters.

We gave Maurice our spare keys and left to Madrid, hoping he had already clients who wanted to see the house. When we came back from Madrid my house was online. Very strange to see your house and how they describe it. The coming days I will make some better pictures, because I love my house with daylight and lately the days are very dark .

House Rotterdam for rent few years expats

The living

House Rotterdam for rent few years expats

The living and working space

House Rotterdam for rent few years expats

Working space

House Rotterdam for rent few years expats

Living and entrance to hall, kitchen and spare bedroom

House Rotterdam for rent few years expats

Living and entrance to walk in closet and bedrooms


My task now is to pack all personal things and bring it to my storage on the first floor. What a job! The door of the storage only opens half way, because it is so full. There are even boxes of our move in 2004 from Maassluis which never have been opened!

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