Clean up the storage!.

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Twelve days counting down before the wedding. And fifteen days before the big move to Spain! And still a storage which is so full that I can hardly open the door. Boxes up to the ceiling and there are even boxes from the 2004 move from Maassluis to Rotterdam, never been opened.

Rent out your house and clean storage

Boxes until the ceiling

Rent out your house and clean storage

Lots of sketch books which I can not throw away

Our big move packing boxes

Packing boxes from the Gamma

We bought packing boxes at the GAMMA because we are still thinking of shipping a part of the furniture and equipment to Ibiza.

I am very bad in throwing things away. When Johan saw me putting the Christmas cards in a drawer he asked me:

“Gertjan, what are you doing?”

“I am storing the Christmas cards!”

“But why? What are you going to do with them?”

“Make Xcell lists from who sent us a card, for next year!”

“You silly! We are moving to Spain, are you going to take them with you??”

“No …”

“Well, throw them away, right now!”

I opened a second drawer and a third. All full of Christmas- and Birthday cards from the last six years.

“Okay, I will throw them away, but lingering. I want to look at them one more time!”

our big move packing box storage

Looking through the postcards one more time

The hardest for me are all my drawings.  When I was a kid I got for every birthday sketch books, markers, paint and crayons. I graduated the MAVO and HAVO (secondary school) with Art & Drawing and continued four years at the Academy of Art Willem de Kooning. So lots of my art work is in the basement storage room. Should I try to sell them through Facebook?

Rent out your house and clean storage

Acryl on paper from the year 2000

Rent out your house and clean storage

And more acryl on paper ….

Rent out your house and clean storage

Should I try to sell them?

At least I found somebody for all our Carnival- and party-costumes: Johan’s little niece Anoek. And I gave her all Schwarzkopf hair products I got in my goodie bags from years of judging the Coiffure Award competition.
Next Tuesday I will go there in Werkendam. This also will be for the last time…

Judging Coiffure Award competition

Schwarzkopf hair products from my goodie bags

Rent out your house and clean storage

Carnival costumes for Anoek


Memories … I always become a bit somber of going through storage boxes.

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  • A&A - Reply

    February 16, 2015 at 15:57

    Wel grappig dat Gertjan niets kan weggooien, want Ab kan dat ook niet.
    Claudia heeft ons geholpen met papieren opruimen ( van wel 30 jaar terug)

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