Birthday boy in Madrid.

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For the first time my cumpleaños in Spain. Because there were 3 parties in the same weekend (Friday birthday Andres in Enfrente, Saturday birthday Pako in Studio 54 and Sunday the best night in El Atril) I asked our neighbor Miguel what would be good day and time for me to celebrate my birthday. I decided to organize a drink on Sunday (my actually birthday) before going to El Atril.

“From 5:00 to 8:00 in the afternoon?”  Miguel replied astonished, “No, that is way too early!”

So I changed the time from 6:00 to 9:00. First mistake: when Spanish people Salir la Noche (party the whole weekend), they are slow out of bed on Sunday. Very slow.

On Saturday our friend Ramon helped me with the groceries for the tapas. I had heard that if you fry the bread in oil with garlic, the bread stays crunchy when you put the food on it. Second mistake: the bread was awful chewy the next day, so I had to re-do it on Sunday with new bought bread.

Madrid gay birthday party

Taittinger Champagne for breakfast

Madrid gay birthday party

Acqua di Parma and tickets for the musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert


Sunday morning Jack organized a Taittinger Champagne breakfast for me. And I was very happy with Johan’s presents: Acqua di Parma cologne and two tickets for the musical Priscilla, Reina del Desierto (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) for the next Wednesday at Teatro Alcalá in Madrid Theater.

Madrid gay birthday party

Cleaning the house …

Madrid gay birthday party

Making the tapas …


The whole Sunday morning I was busy with the food, while Johan and Jack were cleaning the house. And because the amount of drinks did not fit in the fridge, they bought cold drinks at the Chinese supermarket. Third mistake: never buy liquor (Wodka, Gin) at El Chino, because they are much more expensive than in the normal supermarket. It was 9 degrees, so we should have bought all drinks in the supermarket on Saturday and put it on the balcony.

Madrid gay birthday party

Everything ready? Let the guests arrive!


At 5:30 we all three still had to take a shower. We had to hurry so much! Exactly at 6:00 we were ready. A clean house, table full of nice food and music playing on my “Madrid Birthday Spotify List” but:….. no friends! The first arrived around 06:45 and the last ones arrived at 08:30!

Lesson for the next time: it does not matter if you are not ready when your party starts. Why not still busy with making the food when the first guests arrive? And why not buy more drinks at the Chinese supermarket during the party? And do you think your friends will check if there are dust bunnies under the couch? Relax! We are in Spain.

As my Estudio Sampere teacher Leti said: “Tome el chip viejo de la cabeza y poner uno nuevo” (Take the old chip out of your head and put a new one in).

Madrid gay birthday party

Fran and Miguel

Madrid gay birthday party

Johan, Benji and Jose on the balcony

Madrid gay birthday party

Ramon, Jack, Davide and Miguel

Madrid gay birthday party

Dani and Ramon

Madrid gay birthday party

Davide, me and the dogs

Madrid gay birthday party

Benji and Alfonso


Well, my first birthday party was relaxed and fun. I got great presents (haha … do they all think I am a hard drinker?) and at the end everybody wanted to try on the wigs we bought for Pako’s birthday. Even the dogs had to wear them. Video will follow soon!

Madrid gay birthday party

My nice birthday presents!


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  • Jack van den Kieboom - Reply

    February 4, 2015 at 08:39

    Era tan agradable a nuestros gueridos huéspedes.

  • Ronny en pep - Reply

    February 4, 2015 at 18:16

    Yeah Guys in spain party starts not early and off you not ready they help you in THE kitchen ….. Relajado for sure in THE weekends … Besos pep am ron

  • A&A - Reply

    February 16, 2015 at 15:51

    Dit zijn gewoon de dingen waar jullie doorheen gaan.
    Spannend toch?
    Lekkere hapjes!!

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